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2nd of November 2012 02:00 PM by Visitor
No mention in the minutes as posted regarding policy changes to Guest Book.
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28th of October 2012 07:44 PM by Ray Sadler
Sad to read of the tensions within Winterton over holiday lets. We have been four times now and try to shop - and eat - in the village as much as possible. There are always problems with new developments which tend to be built down to a price with little regard for architectural compatibility - it is the same in our village here in Kent with the borough of Maidstone forcing development on the surrounding villages whether we want it or not.

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28th of October 2012 12:16 PM by TT website: http://WOS
At the instructions of the Parish Council and due to a few inappropriate postings on the Winterton Website, comments will now not be 'live' until the following day. The village website was instigated for our inhabitants and the Guestbook for your comments however, if you do not include your (genuine) name your posting is likely to be deleted.

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26th of October 2012 03:35 PM by New to village
I have lived in the so called monstrosities next to the dunes for 2 years now how anyone can class them as that I don't no!!! You cannot see them from the road you don't pay for them have to look at them or live in them!!! Those comments are very disrespectful to the people that live in them and the builders who built them!!! You wouldn't find us walking round the village making comments of the other houses that are around!!! Unless they are bang smack in the middle of the village for everyone to see then please keep your comments to yourself!!!
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26th of October 2012 02:12 PM by Local
Looks like the guestbook police are removing posts from the website again.....!
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19th of October 2012 12:20 PM by Bev website:
Dear Visitor (Post 519)
Apologies that the Newsletters have not been appearing on the website recently. Simple oversight on my part. This should be rectified very soon. Glad to hear that you have obviously missed reading them!
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16th of October 2012 02:54 PM by Ian&Joy Simms website:
We loved the village after 1 visit, that was May 2012, we have now purchased a small property and will be living here permanently, lots of work to be done on the property. Will be looking for a joiner, carpenter.
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15th of October 2012 03:25 PM by Local
There is no longer a link to the Hermanus website?
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15th of October 2012 03:11 PM by Visitor
No newsletter posted on the website since May 2012. Miss reading it. Will it be back?
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15th of October 2012 03:10 PM by Local
Post 515

the northern lights have been over Cley lately - might be them....
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13th of October 2012 10:19 PM by Winterton on Sea In Bloom website:
The Open Gardens and Scarecrow Festival will be held on
Sunday 14th July 2013
Make a note in your diary.

Post number:
13th of October 2012 09:21 PM by Annie
Has anyone seen flashes of light in the sky recently? even on clear nights. If you have do you know what they are?
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9th of October 2012 12:31 AM by In Bloom website:
This is a very busy month for us in the In Bloom as all the plots need attention. Friday October 5 we removed three large planters off the village green. They were in a very poor condition. Many thanks to Alpine Timbers at Martham for making and delivering the three splendid new ones. Thank you to everyone who turned up to help with the change over. Much appreciated. Job done. Our pre Christmas Bash at The Fishermans Return is on Saturday 17th November 7pm for 7 30pm. Menu to follow shortly. Autumn plants will arrive at Bowsprit on the morning of October 18th. Check with Jean if you have any problems for that date
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5th of October 2012 04:58 PM by Local
Regarding the monstrosities on the edge of the Dunes, do these fall within the Village conversation area?
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4th of October 2012 05:50 PM by Local
Unfortunately the final word, fall’s onto Great Yarmouth planning authority, which doesn’t give too hoots about the Villages, Small or Large, the Local Parish, objects, GY accepts....
You only have to check out the House, being built at the back of the Fisherman’s, this is meant to fall in the Village conservation area, i don’t see no conservation being considered here, it’s a total joke.
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4th of October 2012 10:46 AM by local
>> toothless parish councils
Unfortunately, that does seem to be the case. Just look at the mess the "Empsons Loke" builders were allowed to make of the Black Street footpath when they widened the road. The parish council tried hard to get it corrected, but were seemingly just bypassed and ignored by Yarmouth borough council.
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3rd of October 2012 06:17 PM by another local
It isn't the holiday lets that are spoiling Winterton it is the new homes estates - the 12 or so on Epsons (soon to become 25??) and the monstrosities on the edge of the dunes. Small villages to be proud of are being ruined for ever by greedy builders, the toothless parish councils and successive governments.
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3rd of October 2012 05:46 PM by Local
Yes this village is slowly being destroyed by holiday home lets. We have been here over 40 years and do not like what is happening here.
One person has just aquired his 4th house to rent out, another has just got their second, applying for planning permission using their parents address here, when they live in Norwich!!! Its time the rate for second homes was put up to 100% and doubled. They do not bring very much into the village apart from people who think they can park where they want, no matter how dangerous it is.
Post number:
3rd of October 2012 04:51 PM by Local

The only thing needed to let a property as a holiday is adequate Landlord insurance. No particular planning permissions are needed as far as I am aware.
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2nd of October 2012 05:20 PM by Visitor
Are we including chalets in the Bush estate in this discussion?
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2nd of October 2012 01:54 PM by local
Someone buying a house as a permanent second home for their own use is one thing,
but don't you need some sort of "planning permission" to turn it into a Holiday Let?
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2nd of October 2012 11:57 AM by local
No much you can do about people buying houses in the village for whatever their reasons. If people are desperate to sell their property they are not interested in who they sell them to or for what they want to do with them.

I know of semi permanent (weekenders) who actively take part in fundraising and support things that go on in the village.

Post number:
2nd of October 2012 09:18 AM by TT website: http://WOS
Do we actually know how many properties are holiday lets?
Post number:
1st of October 2012 09:31 PM by Bill Local
Winterton is having to many houses become holiday lets!

its wrong
Post number:
30th of September 2012 12:55 AM by Winterton on Sea In Bloom website:
Winterton on Sea In Bloom - Breaking News
We have done it again for this year 2012 to receive a Gold Award in the Great Yarmouth In Bloom Competition. The Fisherman's Pub won a Silver Gilt Award in the Public House entries and Jean Neve won a Gold for the best residential garden in the small garden category. Fantastic and well done everybody involved.
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28th of September 2012 11:03 AM by Bev website:
Don;t forget the Lifeboat Shed (the old Seal Hospital Barn) is open to visitors tomorrow 10 till 12. If you couldn't make it on our gala Open Day in July or just want to see how we're getting on, please come along to see the Edward Birkbeck, take a look at our display boards and chat to some of the Volunteers. Maybe we can inspire you to join us and become a volunteer. Coffee and cake available. Look forward to seeing you.
Post number:
24th of September 2012 11:50 PM by Bob Atyeo website:
Winterton In Bloom
Your help is required on Friday October 5 from 9.30am to empty old large wooden planters on the Village Green and fill new ones. So if you have the strength and are able to help please contact Pam on 01493 394365 or Jean on 01493 393682. The old planter wood will be free to break up and is suitable as firewood.
Post number:
20th of September 2012 06:52 PM by tt
REF POSTS 497 & 498
I used to live in Filby and know the 80 year old gentleman that you refer to. I also know his 50 'ish year old son and it is he who does the physical work with their In Bloom. Regarding the 7K spend, it is as told to me by the above. Ref the point about 75% of the inhabitants being involved I will ask the question when next I am in Filby - in the meantime, I would put a bet on no more than a dozen people being involved.

Ref the lack of support for In Bloom in Winterton-on-Sea - according to the Parish plan some years ago there were circa 470 houses with LOCAL inhabitants in the village. At one person per house that's 470 possible helpers for Winterton In Bloom. And how many are there - 20 if that?? So, no it is nothing to do with holiday makers or holiday homes.
Post number:
20th of September 2012 03:10 PM by Local
Continued from below,

The main reason, Winterton will never compete with Filby, is Winterton has now become a haven of Holiday lets & weekend retreats for outsiders, who will not get behind the Village or support it, with the fundraising etc that is needed. They want it, but aren’t prepared to give or help out, for it.
Post number:
20th of September 2012 03:07 PM by Local
Let me correct you a little on your statement regarding the Village of Filby, with their In-Bloom success, as my parents were raised within this Village & still live there to this day.
Not sure where you get the spend of £7000 each year, but never less it is a substantial sum we are talking about, but don’t forget & look the other way, this money is raised by the people of this Village throughout the year, with all sorts of fundraising events etc.
The success is NOT, 80% down to one person, but more like 70-80% of the people who live in this Village, and yes it is driven forward by this very energetic gentleman, who is in his eighties & again has lived all his life within this Village.
Post number:
19th of September 2012 09:17 PM by tt website: http://wos
Just to say that Filby spend circa £7,000 each year on their In-Bloom entry. Their success is 80% down to one person who, in the summer months, can be seen with his bowser watering all of those hanging baskets very frequently. No sour grapes; just congratulations to them.
Post number:
19th of September 2012 08:49 PM by amused
sour grapes?
Post number:
19th of September 2012 04:58 PM by Local's feeling a little touchy!
Post number:
18th of September 2012 01:13 PM by Local
So what if the Village of Filby won Gold, we can all do baskets, if not, you can get them from B&Q!
Post number:
17th of September 2012 07:25 PM by tt website: http://wos
I don't understand why Post 489 should be removed; there are similar Posts earlier on regarding all eating establishments in the village? - NB: 447 & 450
Post number:
17th of September 2012 04:40 PM by Local
Re Post 489.

This post is inappropiate to other Local businesses in the area, should this not be removed?

Post number:
17th of September 2012 03:43 PM by Help please
The Church are in urgent need of bubble wrap to safely store precious memorials etc when restoration work starts on the tower. If you have any, can you drop it off in the Church porch please. Thanks for your help.
Post number:
17th of September 2012 10:59 AM by Mary King website: http://Caister
Mary King
Mary King updated her status.: "Had lunch at Fishermans Return at Winterton yesterday (treat from my Granddaughter Karla) and OMG the food was BRILLIANT! Tasty, Hot, well presented and very good quality!! Stokesby Ferry could learn from this Chef! I will definately be going there again I hope x"
Post number:
16th of September 2012 10:11 AM by local
No, of course it does not. Anyone, local or otherwise, deliberately damaging a car should be arrested and prosecuted. Of course, the lack of local policing make this rather unlikely.

Just like the odd visitor who causes problems and give all visitors a bad name, there will always be the odd local who spoils the reputation of the village by being obnoxious or causing vandalism, when the vast majority of residents are actually friendly and welcome visitors, and would never even think of causing damage to cars.
Post number:
16th of September 2012 07:49 AM by localish
.....just like dog owners,there are always the minority that give all the bad name,
but it certainly doesnt give locals the authority to intentionally damage vehicles they
deem to be inconsiderately parked!
what a friendly village ....
Post number:
15th of September 2012 07:24 PM by local
>> .... and have the right to park where we like as long as it is legally and not causing an obstruction

Ah! That's it in a nutshell. NOT causing an obstruction.
Some inconsiderate visitors ARE causing an obstruction, and whilst loudly proclaiming their right to park anywhere they like, seem to forget about the rights of others not to be obstructed.
Post number:
15th of September 2012 05:01 PM by Past visitor
Re parking and damaged cars
Doesn't sound as if you want visitors in your village. As someone pointed out we pay car tax and have the right to park where we like as long as it is legally and not causing an obstruction
Post number:
15th of September 2012 09:35 AM by Local
See in the Great Yarmouth Mercury, the Village of Filby has won Gold again.
Post number:
14th of September 2012 03:06 PM by Local
Do your bit for the Country.

Only buy items, that are made or produced in the UK. Proud of it.
Post number:
12th of September 2012 10:40 PM by concerned
Going back to parking issues;
from reading previous comments,am i to believe that vehicles
are at risk from being vandalised if parked around the green???
I hope this is not the start of future incidents as enough was enough
back in 2008 with the spate of mindless vandalism to several car tyres.
If vehicles are legally parked,not obstructing drives,entrances or on yellow lines
then they have as much right as anyone to park there,whether locals,tourists,
or friends visiting locals,its called Car Tax!
Post number:
11th of September 2012 06:37 PM by perplexed
Hoodies. WHY?
Post number:
11th of September 2012 02:12 PM by Local
Re; comments below regarding parking issues.

You would not like it if we came & parked in your spaces, in front of your windows & on your grass verges etc, so please dont feel as if you can come & do the same to us.
There is free parking at the playing field as you enter the Village (sorry you might have to walk a little, but that should not do any off you, any harm)
Failing that, there is a car park at the top of beach road, you can open you car door & fall onto the beach, if you dont feel like the short walk, & all for £4 for the whole day.
Or you could drive another 8 miles south, to Great Yarmouth & pay upto £4 an hour.

Post number:
9th of September 2012 08:34 AM by tired local
Another 'rave' in Winterton last night!!!!!!!!!!!
Post number:
7th of September 2012 09:32 PM by another local
We have the locals who live away from the parking area by the village hall and who don't give a dam. And then we have us locals who live near the village hall and who do not our our own parking space - you know, those pretty houses that you like to see. We pay our rates to the County and Village councils and are ever so slightly miffed when visitors take OUR parking spaces. Winterton has a free car park down on Somerton Road and a beach car park where anybody can park for a whole £4 per day - that's 4 quid for a whole day; and right on the beach. Come on you visitors, don't use and abuse us locals.
Post number:
6th of September 2012 09:56 PM by ANOTHER LOCAL
Disgruntled to put it mildly Jan, You should hear my Grandad bang on about you holidaymakers clogging up the place. But fear not I always manage to calm him down by getting him to have five pints of nans special slug & nettle hooch and then telling him to get some fresh air.Just like last week he was last seen flat cap on head roll up in mouth frontdoor key in hand heading towards the gre.... ....Oh dear