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12th of July 2013 06:09 PM by Working party volunteer
A working party has been arranged for next Saturday 13th July to tidy up the area. will you volunteer to help ( see posters and newsletter) If we don't get the volunteers there is not much that can be done

I would be happy to help out. Could you tell me what is on the list of tasks for the working party please.
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10th of July 2013 05:02 PM by all of us
DUFFLES POND thank you Parish Council for your response. However this is fudging around the matter. Could we have information on the following specific concerns:

- as at of 11th February you state this is not a Parish Council matter but volunteers from the village. Does this mean that this project was not instigated by the Parish Council?
- What was/is the vision for the area? Is it purely intended for wildlife or is it intended as an area for people too?
- What will it look like when it is finished?
- Wildlife groups who have been consulted think it should be left to develop - what does this mean exactly? Is it to be left entirely to overgrow? And, if so, why was the hedge destroyed?
- What has the total cost been to date?
- Why was Duffles taken out of the In Bloom remit?
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8th of July 2013 01:08 PM by Parish Council
Duffles Pond is a wildlife area to attract butterfies, insects,birds , etc. We have consulted various wild life groups who think it should be left to develop. A working party has been arranged for next Saturday 13th July to tidy up the area. will you volunteer to help ( see posters and newsletter) If we don't get the volunteers there is not much that can be done
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8th of July 2013 11:35 AM by Jo
Hi Rate payer, I am not connected to the council I am just another ratepayer, like your good self.x
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3rd of July 2013 06:59 PM by another rate paying villager
COME ON Parish Council communicate with us villagers regarding the Pond at the Allotments
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3rd of July 2013 06:53 PM by RATE PAYER
Hi Jo - thank you for your advise re Dufflels Pond and the helpers request. Are you a part of the Parish Council?
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2nd of July 2013 02:22 PM by Jo
The next step re. Duffles pond is written in this months news letter. I hope this is helpful?
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28th of June 2013 07:18 PM by aside ngeRDHow
To Baffled Resident re Duffels Pond

Doesn't look like you are going to get a reply from out good old Parish Council I fear.
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25th of June 2013 04:08 PM by Jolene
Hi - I currently live in Winterton and absolutely love it . My friend is now also looking to move to Winterton and I wondered if anyone knew of any accomodation to rent at present or coming up . She doesnt smoke but does have two cats and is more than willing to pay 6 months rent up front. As always cant go too high on the rent. If anyone is able to help please contact me at - Thank you
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21st of June 2013 06:53 PM by BAFFLED RESIDENT
I see that someone has cut a path through the nettles at Duffles and made it possible to walk around the pond again. Great. Could we now be updated as to what further developments are in the master plan please Parish Council? I and many other concerned villagers would like to know please.
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8th of June 2013 07:17 PM by Music Lover
And even louder from the seal hospital last night. I bet it kept the seals awake . . . . . .
Post number:
8th of June 2013 07:13 PM by Central Villager
Saturday 8th June - where on earth was the dreadful 'boom booming' music (??) coming from in the village this afternoon??????????????????
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12th of May 2013 01:52 PM by Ian Johnson
Rather a pity we cannot park out motorhome on the car park. I cannot see any reason why we should not be able to. `Not very welcoming is it.
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30th of April 2013 11:58 AM by Bev website:
There will be an open meeting for Volunteers for the Winterton Lifeboat Restoration Group in the Church Room on Monday 20th May at 7.30pm. All are welcome to come along. You don't have to be a current Volunteer (though we hope you just might be by the time you leave!) and you'll find out all the latest news on the restoration and the Group's future plans. Hope to see you there.
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27th of April 2013 10:30 AM by TT website: http://WOS
Thank you for your interest in the Parish Council Minutes. They are now available for you to peruse.

1} I have just returned from two weeks holiday, hence their late posting.
2} Due to the regulations of all Parish Councils, Minutes have to be signed off at the following meeting, hence they will always be 4/5 weeks after the event.
3} It would be appreciated if all people leaving a 'post' would include their full and genuine names.
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26th of April 2013 09:45 PM by carol
If it's true that you can only walk dogs on the lead how will this stop irresponsible dog owners picking up the mess? Also the playing fields are surely for all villagers to use or is it to be used only by the cricket club for maybe 20-40 days a year!
It may be a better idea to close the car park so that people from outside the village can't drive in and let their dogs out of the car to mess on the playing field.
Dog mess that is left along the allotments is often local people walking dogs - take some responsibility and we wouldn't be having these problems.
Post number:
26th of April 2013 09:33 PM by Interested
When will the March Parish council minutes be uploaded?
Post number:
26th of April 2013 09:29 PM by Sarah
I've recently been told that the parish council and Great Yarmouth council are going to be introducing that dogs are kept on leads on the recreation ground. This really frustrates me as I regularly walk my dog there. I keep my dog on a lead if people are there, cricket is on or there are other dogs off their leads. Not because my dog is violent but because I have manners. I clean up after my dog which I know is not true of many! When I let my dog off the lead and throw a ball I keep to the right of the recreation ground (alongside the alloments) so that my dog doesn't run on the cricket field. After all this effort to ensure I don't bother anyone I will still lose out (well my dog will).
Yes we have the dunes but I don't like going there due to the amount of mess left there! Sigh
Post number:
25th of April 2013 05:58 PM by Sue Harris
In the Book 'Winterton Remembered' by David Higgins I found a photo of Charlie Moll (page 25). I have in my family tree a Charles William Moll born 1892 in Wintereton, son of Charles Robert Moll (born 1868) and Elsie Lydia (nee Haylett) and believe it is very likely that the photo is 'my' Charles Moll.
Does anyone know anything about Charles Moll and if so are you willing to correspond concerning Charlie.
My email address is
Thank you
Sue Harris
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3rd of April 2013 09:19 AM by Jo website:
Just seen a pair of Mallards swimming happily on Duffles Pond, and plenty of birds in the trees there.
It looks like the hard work is paying off, well done!
Post number:
20th of March 2013 01:32 PM by TT website: http://WOS.Net

The Winterton on Sea Lifeboat Restoration Group are holding a meeting on Weds 20th March in the Village Hall at 7.30 pm to mark the first anniversary of the rescue and return of the Edward Birkbeck from Conwy back to Winterton. If you've been wondering what's happened since we got her back - then please come along and find out! We'll tell you how the restoration work is going so far, what we still have to do and our long-terms plans for the future. All welcome, tea/coffee and cake will be served - we hope to see lots of you there. Take a look at our page on this village website.
Post number:
12th of March 2013 04:49 PM by Bev website:
The Winterton on Sea Lifeboat Restoration Group are holding a meeting on Weds 20th March in the Village Hall at 7.30 pm to mark the first anniversary of the rescue and return of the Edward Birkbeck from Conwy back to Winterton. If you've been wondering what's happened since we got her back - then please come along and find out! We'll tell you how the restoration work is going so far, what we still have to do and our long-terms plans for the future. All welcome, tea/coffee and cake will be served - we hope to see lots of you there. Take a look at our page on this village website.
Post number:
7th of March 2013 08:43 AM by Michael website:
Duffles Pond is an ongoing project which should be finished by the end of March. It is not being done by the Parish Council but by volunteers from the village (See latest newsletter due out this week). More volunteers are required to complete the work. When finished it will be an area which attracts a lot of wildlife and birds.
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6th of March 2013 09:27 PM by Regular visitor
Come on Parish Council, your tax payers are upset by the state of the pond. Can you not respond to the couple of previous comments on your own website.
Post number:
25th of February 2013 09:25 PM by grant
Why haven't the powers that be answered the previous message regarding the Duffels works?
Post number:
17th of February 2013 10:22 AM by George hardwick
On Saturday February 16th I watched an interesting BBC 2 programme called Mapman . It may have been on TV before but it was about Sexton who made maps of English counties in the 1570s. This programme was about Norfolk and Nicholas Crane was up the top of Winterton Church,as well as visiting Horsey and Sea Palling. You can view it on BBC iplayer if you haven't seen it before.
Post number:
11th of February 2013 05:09 PM by TT website: http://WOS
DUFFELS POND - whilst I am sure Duffels Pound will look good in a few months time, it looks like a building site right now, being largely covered in mud from the dredging of the actual pond. May we villagers be given a report on what is happening, what the planned outcome will be and the projected timescale for this? Also, are the indigenous wildlife expected to increase or decrease when all has settled down?

Currently it is locked up, however entrance is possible from the fence next to the allotments which has been removed. The dredged out pond is dangerously deep now and is a danger to anyone who ventures into Duffels.

Post number:
10th of February 2013 10:12 PM by Bev Kay website:
Please take a look at the new page on the Village website for the Edward Birkbeck - Winterton on Sea Lifeboat Restoration Group where you can find out all about our project and see the links to our own website and our Facebook page. If you'd like to help in any way - we always welcome volunteers and, of course, donations - then please get in touch.
Post number:
30th of January 2013 05:06 PM by TT website: http://WOS.Net
TO Geof -

If you would like to submit your comment again and include your full name and email address your posting will be validated.
Post number:
30th of January 2013 05:03 PM by TT website: http://WOS.Net
Hi : george hardwick
I am pleased to tell you that the NEWSLETTERS section of our village website is now up to date. As are the Parish Council Minutes
Post number:
29th of January 2013 11:37 PM by george hardwick
Yes it's a shame the website isn't up-to-date? What did happen to the website for a few weeks? I've read the October Parish minutes quite a few times now and the November newsletter! It's nearly February!
Post number:
20th of January 2013 03:46 PM by Jo
Glad to see this website back. what happened?
Post number:
22nd of December 2012 05:42 PM by King St Residents
A muntjac deer is currently spending some time around Pratts Buildings/Coastguards Cottages areas. Please drive carefully around the village (as always) and be aware. We want to make sure that this animal does not get injured on the road.
Post number:
6th of December 2012 12:00 PM by Alan Winterton coastwatch website:
During the course of the year, we are able to reunite many lost mobile phones with their owners, using call lists or 'Mum' on the phone book. We have a blackberry which is 'password protected' which we can by pass but also a pin number which if we bypass will delete all the data. if you, or anyone you know has lost one, please contact us.

Alan Winterton Coastwatch
Post number:
4th of December 2012 01:17 PM by margaret marchant
Saddens me to read the comments some have made about holiday lets. We've been coming to Winterton for over 15 years and absolutely love it, and wouldn't go anywhere else. We've stayed in various holiday cottages and also Hermanus. We are responsible dog owners and clean up, and also park carefully. It's a shame that a few irresponsible people give us all a bad name. The newer homes built aren't exactly in keeping with some in the village, but they certainly aren't eye sores. Winterton is still a beautiful village - I hope locals and visitors continue to enjoy it.
Post number:
30th of November 2012 05:47 PM by Kirsty website:
Thank you for answering my query re the WW2 Winterton defences, I was aware of the Pillbox Study Group and have been on their site before but your response made me re read the article which was very interesting! Kirsty
Post number:
21st of November 2012 10:26 PM by anotherchitter
John Green has an article on Regarding the decoys, I remember those mentioned in the article and Claude still lives in the village, the generator shed to the North of the village near Holmes Farm no longer exists as far as I am aware & not many of the Anti tank defences remain, except for a few on the beach car park. All the other pillboxes are also long gone, but remember playing in them as a youngster.
Post number:
20th of November 2012 03:22 PM by kirsty johnstone website:
Just heard Radio 4 "Making History" on the Winterton decoy site for Great Yarmouth and they talked about visiting the generator site for the site does anyone know where this is? Thanks. Kirsty
Post number:
19th of November 2012 12:55 PM by Joan Wacey
Re the Larner brothers. Sorry to say that at least two of them are dead, possibly three. Can give you a phone number of a family member if you email me direct.
Post number:
17th of November 2012 09:55 PM by website: http://Alan L Hamilton, 15 Church Grove Little Chalfont,Amersham. Bucks HP6 6SH
Can anyone help me trace Stephen R Larner or his brother Adrian who were originally from Winterton.. They both went to Great Yarmouth Grammar School. Stephen between 1954-1962 and Adrian probably 2 years later. I am particulary interested in tracing Stephen to invite him to a reunion of his old school friends next year as this is the year that marks our 70th birthdays. To date we have been able to trace about 30 "old" school friends and would like to see if Stephen was interested in joining them.
Can anyone help me?
Alan (Scotty) Hamilton
15 Church Grove
Little Chalfont
Bucks HP6 6SH
Post number:
12th of November 2012 08:17 PM by A GENUINE LOCAL website:
What is going to dissappear from the village next?
It appears that the village landmark of a historical building is inline next to go, as the next future development project at the Fishermans Return. Namely the "TINHO". Who knows about this?
Post number:
6th of November 2012 06:02 PM by TT website: http://WOS
TO Visitor ref post 526

Post number:
5th of November 2012 01:08 PM by Winterton In Bloom website:
InBloom 2013 Winterton In Bloom Calendars 12 Pages - A4 Size. Each month has a picture of Winterton on Sea. Price £7.99 All donations go to the In Bloom To Purchase: Contact Bob Atyeo 01493 394902 or E.Mail Look before you buy. They make a great Christmas Present
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2nd of November 2012 02:00 PM by Visitor
No mention in the minutes as posted regarding policy changes to Guest Book.
Post number:
28th of October 2012 07:44 PM by Ray Sadler
Sad to read of the tensions within Winterton over holiday lets. We have been four times now and try to shop - and eat - in the village as much as possible. There are always problems with new developments which tend to be built down to a price with little regard for architectural compatibility - it is the same in our village here in Kent with the borough of Maidstone forcing development on the surrounding villages whether we want it or not.

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28th of October 2012 12:16 PM by TT website: http://WOS
At the instructions of the Parish Council and due to a few inappropriate postings on the Winterton Website, comments will now not be 'live' until the following day. The village website was instigated for our inhabitants and the Guestbook for your comments however, if you do not include your (genuine) name your posting is likely to be deleted.

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26th of October 2012 03:35 PM by New to village
I have lived in the so called monstrosities next to the dunes for 2 years now how anyone can class them as that I don't no!!! You cannot see them from the road you don't pay for them have to look at them or live in them!!! Those comments are very disrespectful to the people that live in them and the builders who built them!!! You wouldn't find us walking round the village making comments of the other houses that are around!!! Unless they are bang smack in the middle of the village for everyone to see then please keep your comments to yourself!!!
Post number:
26th of October 2012 02:12 PM by Local
Looks like the guestbook police are removing posts from the website again.....!
Post number:
19th of October 2012 12:20 PM by Bev website:
Dear Visitor (Post 519)
Apologies that the Newsletters have not been appearing on the website recently. Simple oversight on my part. This should be rectified very soon. Glad to hear that you have obviously missed reading them!
Post number:
16th of October 2012 02:54 PM by Ian&Joy Simms website:
We loved the village after 1 visit, that was May 2012, we have now purchased a small property and will be living here permanently, lots of work to be done on the property. Will be looking for a joiner, carpenter.