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2nd of May 2012 05:53 PM by Martin Lines
Julie & John Walters, Re; Post 311.

If you are still interested in a House overlooking the Village Green (4 Bed Detached) Please get in touch on (01493) 393442.
Have replied to you e-mail, but it bounces back each time.

Regards, Martin Lines
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2nd of May 2012 10:03 AM by TT website: http://WOS
Your Village Newsletter for MAY 2012 is available to view on this site
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1st of May 2012 05:59 PM by Kirsty
Hope people caught the brief glimpse of Winterton beach and dunes on last Saturday's episode of Dady's Army!
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27th of April 2012 03:57 PM by Matt
Information for the Surgery in Martham is incorrect. The correct phone number is 01493 748833
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18th of April 2012 09:55 PM by Julie
There will be a Winterton Garage Sale will take place on Sunday 29th July. Details will be announced later,
Post number:
9th of April 2012 08:29 PM by kay webb
I have been trying to find out about the winterton garage sales that you normally have each summer,i come on holiday every year and they make my holiday,we really enjoy walking round the village,and all that comes with it.i do hope you still have one,it is usually,weather permitting,a lovely day.
Post number:
3rd of April 2012 10:16 AM by TT
The Village Newsletter for APRIL is available for you to view
Post number:
27th of March 2012 09:35 PM by Carol Warwick
Is there going to be a garage sale this year as I haven't seen any mention of it in the newsletter?
Post number:
18th of March 2012 09:34 AM by Lyn Brown website:
I'm very pleased to see that the Edward Birkbeck has safely returned to Winterton-on-Sea. Having spent many years owning and sailing on board her I am so happy that she has now returned home and will be well cared for in her "old age". I look forward to being able to visit her and following her restoration once a dedicated web site is set up. Lyn Brown
Post number:
13th of March 2012 04:49 PM by Mrs Evans
Would it also be possible for someone to update the website with the form to fill in to advertise on the Businessess and Services page..there is'nt one and it says there is so it's impossible to avertise !
Post number:
12th of March 2012 11:49 AM by Ben
Would it be possible for someone to update the website and add Jan & Feb parish minutes please?
(The link to Jan2012 minutes at the top of the page links to March2011!)
Many thanks,
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12th of March 2012 07:25 AM by Local
First Snake of the year spotted in the Dunes, North side of the Gap, Yesterday (Sunday 11th)
Dog owners be-awear.

Post number:
11th of March 2012 08:43 AM by Mrs B P Cosse website:
The Seal Hospital at Winterton is very definately closed down, the whole disgusting mess is to be demolished, Harry Nickerson who ran it ,is in court early May on 8 charges of cruelty to seals, these charges were bought about by the RSPCA..these facts are already in the Public domain. Unfortunately the web site and facebook is still runnibg and asking for aware.

If help is needed for seals, please contact as already suggested Marine Life Divers , or contact Seal & Bird Rescue Trust, Ridlington , 01692 650338
Post number:
9th of March 2012 11:43 AM by Local dog walker
Couldn't agree more with Stephanie - just be a bit more considerate to others. No right when your dog is on a lead because he is not sociable with other dogs and then and unleashed animal bounds up causing confrontation. People also seem put out when you ask them to call their dog back!
Post number:
8th of March 2012 06:23 PM by Stephanie Faith website:
Dog mess and disturbance to wildlife. As a responsible dog owner, I always walk my dogs on the lead and pick up after them...why, especially on the dunes, are certain dog owners allowing their dogs to mess and run havoc on the dunes? It seems they don't know what leads are for and have never heard of a poop bag. Apart from disturbing the wildlife - we have rare Terns, Knatterjack toads and seal pups - and apart from leaving huge dog turds that would do an elephant proud, not everyone likes having a strange large dog jump all over them! Unless you have a dog that is obedient - you know dogs that don't stray when you call them once and are within seeing distance - keep doggy on the lead. In fact it is law Thanks.
Post number:
6th of March 2012 06:56 PM by Seal Friend
Now that Winterton Seal Hospital has closed down, if you see a potential injured or unhealthy looking seal on the beach, please call the British Divers Marine Life Rescue (BDMLR) team on their 24/7 hotline: 01825 765546 (office hours) or 07787 433412 (out of hours).
Post number:
2nd of March 2012 10:46 AM by Resident
Would it be worth making the Edward Birkbeck project known on the guestbook. Might even get some donations!
Post number:
29th of February 2012 07:22 PM by Brian Askew website:
Hi Terry. Good to see that 901 Troop is still up and running and doing great things within the communityI wish you all the very best for the future, get in touch via e-mail. Regards, Brian
Post number:
27th of February 2012 08:11 PM by Geoff website:
Hi Diane

Its been open the last two weekends so should think it will be.

Post number:
26th of February 2012 07:37 PM by Diane Bartlett
We are visting Winterton next weekend can you please tell me if the cafe is open at weekend still this time of year ,also i'm sorry to hear the seal hospital has shut , i know it was very run down , but they really did try to do what was best for these lovely animals you have living right on your door steps with very little money.
Many thanks Diane
Post number:
24th of February 2012 11:03 PM by VILLAGER
If all village meetings could guarantee a fight im sure the turnouts would be much higher i know i might come to the next one just in case
Post number:
23rd of February 2012 02:17 PM by A resident of the village
it was nice to see the NASTY people of Bush Road showing their true colours at the public enquiry at Hermanus
Post number:
18th of February 2012 07:51 PM by Donna website:
@384 I think friends of horsey seals is missing the whole point!! disgusted at the photos on the facebook page!
People need to be educated, not encouraged to harass the pups!
Post number:
15th of February 2012 06:42 PM by Seal Friend
As far as we know the Winterton Seal Hospital is SHUT for good and most of the equipment is being sold off.
Post number:
11th of February 2012 04:19 PM by CONCERNED LOCAL
Locals and visitors alike really NEED to know what, if anything, is going on at the Seal Hospital. Is it completely closed down; is it completely NOT closed down; is it partly closed down??? OR WHAT?
Post number:
10th of February 2012 09:09 PM by Lisa
Re; Seal Hospital

Myself & my partner visited last year, & to be honest we both found the place dirty & disgusting, so i do hope the place is closed or better still been shut down.

Post number:
22nd of January 2012 03:29 PM by Kirsty
Is the seal hospital not working in conjunction with the Hunstanton Sea Life Hospital?
Post number:
21st of January 2012 01:54 PM by local
Kirsty - is the Seal Hospital not shut down now?
Post number:
18th of January 2012 04:02 PM by kirsty website:
in repsose to the comments re seals and their pups, I totally agree people should be more responsible. The Winterton Seal Hospital/Sealife Centre is often asking for volunteers and had a recruitment drive to cover the DecemberJanuary pup period, they might be worth a try to see if they need any more recruits for their "Ness Ranger" scheme. Kirsty
Post number:
17th of January 2012 12:44 PM by Christine
In response to post 384 - Rodney Hoffman. I would be interested in hearing more details and perhaps some involvement with your proposed group - although I am limited with time I could contribute. Look forward to hearing back soon.
Post number:
17th of January 2012 08:26 AM by Rodney Hoffman website:
In reply to Donna post no 382 I do a lot of voluntary work for the Broads Authority and along with Natural England and Norfolk Wildlife Trust a scheme for seal wardens takes place this time of year when there are a lot of pups being born.There has this year been a dramtic rise in the numbers being born and as this has been widely reported by the media it also has attracted a record number of visitors.Over the weekends and Christmas period seal wardens do shifts to try and warn the public,keep dog walkers at bay,look after the welfare of the seals and try and answer any questions that people may have.The seals always creat a lot of interest and we are very lucky to have them here at Winterton/Horsey.There is talk of forming a Friends Group for the seals and more news will follow soon.
Post number:
16th of January 2012 01:46 PM by Ewa website:
Hello All,
I am looking for a person to share a car journey with. I live in Winterton, I work in Norwich and because of this I travel by car to Norwich and back every day during the week.
I used to share a lift with someone from Martham (but it is not convenient any longer) and it worked well. We took it in turns, so I didn't need to use my car every day. I work full time, but my hours are flexible.
Please let me know if you are interested - this really helps with fuel cost and helps environment too.

Post number:
13th of January 2012 01:03 PM by Donna website:
Winterton is such a beautiful place, I live nearby and visit often. Have spent many a peaceful summers day on the dunes watching the wildlife.
I am very concerned with the way the public are treating the Seals, this year it has been alarming and disturbing to see so many people so near the pups.
Is it possible to place signs around the car park and village to alert tourists to the risks they are putting the Seals in?
Please encourage people to stay off the beach while the vunerable pups are there.
Post number:
5th of January 2012 07:15 PM by Lynda McGarrity website:
Have fond memories of holidays in Winterton. My Aunt, my Mother's sister lived there in what was then the second last house on the beach road. When I holidayed there as a child it was possible to walk straight on to the beach, unlike now, or is my memory failing me?
I also remember boats lying on the beach, that would have been about 1953.
A beautiful village, one day I should like to go back for another visit.
Post number:
5th of January 2012 07:09 PM by Carmel Sayce website:
Gold large hooped earing lost allotment/cricket pitch area
please contact if found
thank you
Carmel 393537
Post number:
2nd of January 2012 04:46 PM by Geoff website:
Just a note to say that we are the new owners of Periwinkle Cottage in The Lane,
We both love Norfolk and after a holiday in Winterton on Sea decided its where we want to retire to. The cottage has been a successful holiday let for the past four years and after some updating and decorating we intend to carry on with this in 2012.
We live and run our own business in Buckinghamshire and look forward to many visits throughout the year. Everyone we have met so far has really welcomed us and we are very grateful to Jean and David for their help and advise in the recent weeks. We would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a happy new year.

Yvonne & Geoff Pocock

Post number:
29th of December 2011 06:30 PM by Sarah and Rosie (locals)
Would like to thank the person driving the Audi Quattro out of the beach car park this afternoon who decided it would be clever to speed up and drive too fast down Beach Road through the huge puddles building up in the heavy rain. Rosie would especially like to shake their hand and thank them for washing her trousers in freezing water......IDIOT.

We agree with previous comments regarding banning the parking along Beach Road through the whole year - if people genuinely want to come and admire the area, then £3 is a small charge for this privilege.
Post number:
29th of December 2011 04:50 PM by Genuine Local website:
December 26th and 27th, what a total shambles in Beach Road, it is going to take an accident before anything is done about the rediculous situation about parking along this road. There should be permanent "NO PARKING" along this road. We now have IDIOTS parking on the south side over the double yellow lines and over a pavement, this is PRIVATE LAND and they are trespassing. The wider parts of the road should be made into passing places for safety. We should have a Special Constable in the village who can issue Parking Tickets! Then it will be cheaper to pay for the Car Park. It is a pity you cannot post photos of these vehicles i have some. Come on Parish Council lets see some action before this village gets totally spoilt and the sand dunes flattened!!
Post number:
28th of December 2011 04:37 PM by kirsty johnstone website:
Just been to the Oxfam bookshop in St Albans, Herts, and purchased a postcard of Hotel Hermanus, four views and one of Winterton Beach, postally dated 1961, sent to a family in Hampstead Garden Suburb. It appears "Meryl and Peter" were having a good time with good weather and Andrew was enjoying himself in such a wonderful place for children!" Look forward to March when we can start using our chalet again. Kirsty and Des
Post number:
27th of December 2011 01:08 PM by Visitor
Surely this is a clear case for the village pcso, either to collate car registrations and name and shame or send diplomatic letters. For repeat offenders, publicity never fails.
Post number:
27th of December 2011 09:20 AM by Local
Totally agree with Anon's comments below, if People cant afford to pay £3 for all day parking on the Beach Car park, it's a sorry old world, it has to be one of the cheapest Car parks around the area, putting that to one side, its the damage that is being done to the Dunes, which must be stopped.

Also noted Cars were parked with two wheels on the Village Green.

Maybe this is something to be raised at the next Parish meeting.
Post number:
26th of December 2011 06:45 PM by Anon
The car parking in Winterton today (boxing day) has been a complete disgrace with vehicles parking along the road and actually on the dunes rather than in the car park and some cars even driving through the wooden bollards and parking alongside the pavement. In addition some cars were driving back into the village from the beach at the point the bollards stop with two wheels on the road and two wheels on the pavement to pass other cars with scant consideration for pedestrians. It would be better if cars were forbidden to park along the road to the beach all year round. Such selfish people might come to enjoy the dunes but they are causing irreparable damage.
Post number:
25th of December 2011 12:03 PM by Visitor
Merry Christmas to all and a peaceful and prosperous new year.
Kind regards.
Post number:
21st of December 2011 05:04 PM by ALAN JENKINS
Post number:
13th of December 2011 07:52 PM by Local
TT.........Is not dressed up as Father Christmas is he!!!!
Post number:
12th of December 2011 05:38 PM by Trevor
Nice Xmas display as you approach Winterton...................Well done TT......
Post number:
10th of December 2011 05:17 PM by Sarah
Does anyone know what else is going to be done to the main road where the paths have been dug up? Are there plans to re turf where there is now just mud? The new footpaths are slippery already from frost, generally I think it has been one big failure!
Post number:
20th of November 2011 12:33 PM by Lighthouse Family
Thank you Michael and Clair for your comments about the Lighthouse. We are really pleased with the results. The original lantern was taken away in 1910 to the Bahamas. After 100 years we felt it was about time it was replaced. Hope it brings enjoyment to the village.
Post number:
15th of November 2011 09:37 AM by Joan Wacey
To Avril
If you could email me I would probably be able to help.
Post number:
13th of November 2011 10:06 PM by Jordan Darke
On the 9th of November (Last Wednesday) My girlfriend lost her Blackberry 8520 Mobile phone on the area surrounding the beach or dunes close to the Hermanus Holiday Centre. The phone is Black with a small repaired break on the right hand lining of the screen.

If you find this phone or know anyone who has found a phone that matches this description please can you contact me on or call me on my mobile 07790891177

A small reward will be offered for the person who comes forward with the phone

Thank you