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Current Comments:
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19th of September 2012 04:58 PM by Local's feeling a little touchy!
Post number:
18th of September 2012 01:13 PM by Local
So what if the Village of Filby won Gold, we can all do baskets, if not, you can get them from B&Q!
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17th of September 2012 07:25 PM by tt website: http://wos
I don't understand why Post 489 should be removed; there are similar Posts earlier on regarding all eating establishments in the village? - NB: 447 & 450
Post number:
17th of September 2012 04:40 PM by Local
Re Post 489.

This post is inappropiate to other Local businesses in the area, should this not be removed?

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17th of September 2012 03:43 PM by Help please
The Church are in urgent need of bubble wrap to safely store precious memorials etc when restoration work starts on the tower. If you have any, can you drop it off in the Church porch please. Thanks for your help.
Post number:
17th of September 2012 10:59 AM by Mary King website: http://Caister
Mary King
Mary King updated her status.: "Had lunch at Fishermans Return at Winterton yesterday (treat from my Granddaughter Karla) and OMG the food was BRILLIANT! Tasty, Hot, well presented and very good quality!! Stokesby Ferry could learn from this Chef! I will definately be going there again I hope x"
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16th of September 2012 10:11 AM by local
No, of course it does not. Anyone, local or otherwise, deliberately damaging a car should be arrested and prosecuted. Of course, the lack of local policing make this rather unlikely.

Just like the odd visitor who causes problems and give all visitors a bad name, there will always be the odd local who spoils the reputation of the village by being obnoxious or causing vandalism, when the vast majority of residents are actually friendly and welcome visitors, and would never even think of causing damage to cars.
Post number:
16th of September 2012 07:49 AM by localish
.....just like dog owners,there are always the minority that give all the bad name,
but it certainly doesnt give locals the authority to intentionally damage vehicles they
deem to be inconsiderately parked!
what a friendly village ....
Post number:
15th of September 2012 07:24 PM by local
>> .... and have the right to park where we like as long as it is legally and not causing an obstruction

Ah! That's it in a nutshell. NOT causing an obstruction.
Some inconsiderate visitors ARE causing an obstruction, and whilst loudly proclaiming their right to park anywhere they like, seem to forget about the rights of others not to be obstructed.
Post number:
15th of September 2012 05:01 PM by Past visitor
Re parking and damaged cars
Doesn't sound as if you want visitors in your village. As someone pointed out we pay car tax and have the right to park where we like as long as it is legally and not causing an obstruction
Post number:
15th of September 2012 09:35 AM by Local
See in the Great Yarmouth Mercury, the Village of Filby has won Gold again.
Post number:
14th of September 2012 03:06 PM by Local
Do your bit for the Country.

Only buy items, that are made or produced in the UK. Proud of it.
Post number:
12th of September 2012 10:40 PM by concerned
Going back to parking issues;
from reading previous comments,am i to believe that vehicles
are at risk from being vandalised if parked around the green???
I hope this is not the start of future incidents as enough was enough
back in 2008 with the spate of mindless vandalism to several car tyres.
If vehicles are legally parked,not obstructing drives,entrances or on yellow lines
then they have as much right as anyone to park there,whether locals,tourists,
or friends visiting locals,its called Car Tax!
Post number:
11th of September 2012 06:37 PM by perplexed
Hoodies. WHY?
Post number:
11th of September 2012 02:12 PM by Local
Re; comments below regarding parking issues.

You would not like it if we came & parked in your spaces, in front of your windows & on your grass verges etc, so please dont feel as if you can come & do the same to us.
There is free parking at the playing field as you enter the Village (sorry you might have to walk a little, but that should not do any off you, any harm)
Failing that, there is a car park at the top of beach road, you can open you car door & fall onto the beach, if you dont feel like the short walk, & all for £4 for the whole day.
Or you could drive another 8 miles south, to Great Yarmouth & pay upto £4 an hour.

Post number:
9th of September 2012 08:34 AM by tired local
Another 'rave' in Winterton last night!!!!!!!!!!!
Post number:
7th of September 2012 09:32 PM by another local
We have the locals who live away from the parking area by the village hall and who don't give a dam. And then we have us locals who live near the village hall and who do not our our own parking space - you know, those pretty houses that you like to see. We pay our rates to the County and Village councils and are ever so slightly miffed when visitors take OUR parking spaces. Winterton has a free car park down on Somerton Road and a beach car park where anybody can park for a whole £4 per day - that's 4 quid for a whole day; and right on the beach. Come on you visitors, don't use and abuse us locals.
Post number:
6th of September 2012 09:56 PM by ANOTHER LOCAL
Disgruntled to put it mildly Jan, You should hear my Grandad bang on about you holidaymakers clogging up the place. But fear not I always manage to calm him down by getting him to have five pints of nans special slug & nettle hooch and then telling him to get some fresh air.Just like last week he was last seen flat cap on head roll up in mouth frontdoor key in hand heading towards the gre.... ....Oh dear
Post number:
5th of September 2012 07:15 AM by jan and terry
thankyou "local" for your accomodating reply.
we parked considerately,not blocking drives/entrances or access as some others do.
totally irrelevent anyway, because the damage was on the other side not on the side facing the road.
the way i read the elderly gents comments gave me the impression that residents were perhaps a little disgruntled at weekend visitors.nethertheless,we personally,have always felt welcome in recent visits and found everyone very friendly..
Post number:
4th of September 2012 03:25 PM by local
> but the visit was dampened though on discovering our car had been damaged
> whilst parked opposite the village green

Was this just mindless vandalism, or were you perhaps scraped by a passing vehicle?
If the latter, then did you park in a place that partially blocked the road?

Be aware that, whilst you may have thought you left plenty of room for passing cars, this road is also used by big buses and delivery lorries. When these vehicles have trouble squeezing through roads partly blocked by parked cars, scrapes may happen!

Use the car park!
Post number:
4th of September 2012 07:04 AM by jan and terry
had a wonderful time (as always) when we came with our grandchildren to your beautiful village and beach at the weekend.its one of our favourite places.but the visit was dampened though on discovering our car had been damaged whilst parked opposite the village green. an elderly gent passing told us to park in the car park in future as several vehicles have been damaged here in the past.
we have always parked here to use the village green and never had any problems in the past.did anyone else suffer any problems this weekend just gone? has there been cars damaged here before?
Post number:
31st of August 2012 12:55 PM by Barry Peck website:
On Friday the 24th of August I had a potentially life threatening injury in the Dunes carpark.
First aid was given by the watchkeeper at the Coast Watch station. He was extremely kind, efficient and professional.
Without his help and without adequate first aid equipment I don't know what would have happened.
As a result of my injury I required an operation by a plastic surgeon at the N&N hospital.
Without a doubt the Coast Watch station is a real asset for Winterton-on-Sea.
Well done.

Post number:
30th of August 2012 12:14 PM by Helen Smith website:
Did anyone find or have handed in £40 which I managed to drop between beach and car park/parking kiosk/beach cafe on sunday 19th august? Please leave comment if you did then will work out a way to get in touch!
Post number:
26th of August 2012 12:54 PM by Local
Would just like to say a Big Thank You........... to the person who allowed their Dog to leave a large mess, outside my drive this morning, on the Craft.

Thank You.
Post number:
23rd of August 2012 09:15 PM by Louise Didlock
Have just spent the most fantastic 2 weeks in winterton on sea. Beach, dunes, seals and terns are not over exaggerated. We have visited Hemsby, Yarmouth and other places this made us so glad we chose where we did! And all within walking distance of The Highwayman, what more could we ask??
Post number:
21st of August 2012 08:08 PM by Norfolk Nog
In reply to 467,

Somerton Lion, Good assortment of real Ales, selection of Lagers, all kept very well indeed.
Real Ale's at £3.10 a pint,
Not had the food myself, but from what i noticed, looked good Pub grub, Landlord very welcoming & friendly.
Plenty of good old local boys from Somerton seem to get in there.

Cheers, Norfolk Nog.
Post number:
19th of August 2012 02:28 PM by concerned local
This morning the beach was very busy. Lots of people and children about. Then we get some lunatic with a jeep type vehicle driving along the beach at speed in complete disregard of the safety of the children playing there. Parked it by a groyne and went for a swim.

I read something earlier about cars on the dunes, but now we have vehicles driving up and down the main beach!

What next...?
Post number:
18th of August 2012 04:20 PM by Local
Has anyone been in the Somerton Lion, since it's re-opened? what's the Beer like? Food etc?
Do any Locals get in there?
Post number:
18th of August 2012 02:37 PM by Local
Lovely Day in Winterton.
Post number:
15th of August 2012 11:12 AM by Mark & Becky website: http://On Holiday
Staying in one of the Round Houses at the Highwayman, must say what a fantastic Sunday Carvery we had, also the Evening meal last night was fantastic, staff very helpfull.
Making our Holiday compleat.
Thanks Guys.

Becky & Mark.
Post number:
13th of August 2012 12:21 PM by Rick Southwood
In reply to Chris J's comment on 3rd August, there is no public access for vehicles across the National Nature Reserve, or any other part of the dunes, or to the Winterton Holmes area, other than by the landowner's permission.
Sorry, you'll have to keep using the car park, but think of all that healthy exercise walking up there!

Rick Southwood
Senior Reserves Manager
Natural England
Post number:
11th of August 2012 04:17 PM by Local
Dogs mess on Beach Road and around the Village...... hope this is not the start of it all again.

Please clean up after your Dog.
Post number:
8th of August 2012 06:33 PM by kirsty
Just been browsing the website of The Norfolk and Suffolk Aviation Museum, Flixton and came across a reference to the Winterton Starfish Site - it said that stocks of boiler wicks and fire baskets were delivered to Hall Farm, Somerton.
Post number:
6th of August 2012 10:28 AM by Bev Kay website:
Just to say thank you to everybody who supported the Edward Birkbeck Winterton Lifeboat Restoration Open Day on Sunday 29th July. We had lots of lovely visitors who seemed to take a great interest in our project and through donations into our collecting bucket as well as our Grand Raffle, sale table, refreshments and competitions - we raised £730 - so thanks once again to all concerned. We are still looking for anybody in the village (or outside!) who may have old photos, documents etc regarding not only the Edward Birkbeck but anything to do with the wonderful maritime heritage of Winterton - please contact us and let us know. Donations and volunteers also still gratefully accepted - WINTERTON ON SEA LIFEBOAT RESTORATION GROUP
Post number:
3rd of August 2012 05:30 PM by Enviro Lover
Come Clean!

Every piece of plastic on the beach could kill a marine animal.
If everyone started picking up the rubbish on our beaches, we could make a difference.
This summer, don't go to our beach without a trash bag & do your bit for the environment.
Post number:
3rd of August 2012 01:24 PM by Chris J website:
Walking along the Winterton beach this morning I noticed a large group of people on the beach near the Somerton/Holmes access point. Kids, dogs, windbreaks, etc. Unusual for this part of the beach.

Walking through the access point on to the dunes, I was surprised to find about 4 private vehicles parked there.

If it is permitted for private vehicles to drive across the dunes and park there, can anyone please tell me the route to take so myself and my friends can also park our cars there? It would save us paying the parking fee for the Winterton car park!
Post number:
2nd of August 2012 09:41 AM by Richard website:
TT Email address included
Post number:
30th of July 2012 05:24 PM by TT website: http://WOS
Regarding recent posts on our village Website regarding local businesses. One or two do not appear to be from geniune customers and where this seems to be the case and where a name is not given, they will be deleted.

Post number:
30th of July 2012 09:54 AM by Another local website: http://local
The views of those with young children are often rather blinkered.

The Fisherman's is also our "local" pub and not everyone wants their time there ruined by noisy or unruly kids. The parents of such kids often seem quite oblivious to the disruption their kids are causing (or simply don't care). Asking them to keep young children to one side of the pub so that others can enjoy the "non-child" side seem a very reasonable solution to me. They are certainly not being excluded from the pub.

Of course, some children are well behaved and those are no problem wherever they are but, as always, it is the few that cause the disruption that make it bad for everyone else.
Post number:
30th of July 2012 08:42 AM by Local
Re; Post below,

Not sure how many people in the Village with Families would agree with your comment, or the many Day tripers, Holidaymakers that pass through our Village.
Thought we based ourselves on a Family seaside village?
Your comments below regarding Children, come across very negative.
Post number:
29th of July 2012 10:58 PM by resident and pub user
Plenty of room for kids in 2 rooms at the back of the Fishermans and always made welcome. Dogs are much less noisy/trouble than kids.............
Post number:
29th of July 2012 10:51 PM by LOCAL
Post number:
29th of July 2012 08:14 PM by alistair
hello winterton, just browsing your guest book...from up the road, at martham... i too had the sunday carvery and found the choice superb, we try to go every week and wouldn't go anywhere else.kyle and the team are fantasic.....
Post number:
29th of July 2012 01:36 PM by A Local
The Fishermans does not allow children under 14 in the main bar for a good reason!! There is plenty of room elsewhere on the property.
By the way we are "friendly" not "frendly"
Post number:
26th of July 2012 12:21 PM by john higham
Visited the highwayman restaurant last night situated at the hermanus, must say what a stunning job they have done here I had a superb rump steak, so tender and tasty, my wife had a beef and ale pie, everything was homemade even the pastry and onion rings, we finished with a slice of the chefs homemade cheesecake which was mint aero, sounded bizarre but omg it was delicious, the staff were so freindly. When the chef got a quite period he came out and spoke to us he was so freindly and explained how he was part owner, and explained how he and his nephew had taken over last year. I wish them beat of luck and we will go bk befor we depart home heat value for money give it a try if you are visiting the area soon, thanks again John and Kate Higham
Post number:
25th of July 2012 11:32 AM by TT website: http://WOS
Could you provide your email address please.

Post number:
25th of July 2012 10:13 AM by Richard website:
I would like to add details of our holiday cottage to the "businesses and services" section but the form does not appear - can anyone help?
Post number:
20th of July 2012 12:59 PM by Local
Post 445

Hermanus does a great carvery at £6.95 and the Fishermans is worth a visit too. Fishermans is dog friendly but Hermanus not so. You can't visit without trying the fish and chip shop in Winterton - brilliant.......
Post number:
17th of July 2012 10:09 PM by Winterton Lifeboat Restoration Group
Don't forget our Open Day on Sunday 29th July. The Edward Birkbeck is being restored in what was the old Seal Hospital Barn on Somerton Road - come along and see her and help us fundraise for the restoration project. We'll have a Grand Raffle (loads of great prizes), refreshments available, kids' competitions, garage sale table. Raffle tickets are now on sale at Winterton Fish Bar and Dunes Cafe 50p each or 5 for £2. You could win a trip on the Caister Lifeboat!
Post number:
17th of July 2012 08:20 AM by Peter & Jane
Hi Winterton,

Looking forward to coming to see you all, in the next few weeks, we are staying in nearby East Somerton, your Village looks lovely, does anyone have any advise of places to see, do & eat nearby???? we will also have with us our two Dogs.

Peter, Jane, Jack & Sam.